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Fanfic on Eos
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What is FicMonthly?
FicMonthly is much like au100 or fanfic100 - you mark (note "mark" and not "claim" - multiple people can write one pairing) your character, general series, or pairing and start writing fics. However, instead of having 100 set themes, we'll have one theme each month. This theme will be either set by the mods or voted on. Maybe we'll vote on best fic, maybe not. Please bring suggestions to the mods.

Where is FicMonthly?
"What do you mean, where?" Well, FicMonthly is not, in fact, just here. It is at a different website, called Eos Cormorantine. I'll put up monthly themes and a link to each month's submissions thread. If you post the fic here and not there, I'll ask you if I can post it there, too. Yes, it's a message board. Yes, you need to be a member to post. Yes, membership is open.

Wait, so do I join here, or do I join there?
Well, either there or both. If you sign up here, you'll see reminders in your f-list every time the new poll or monthly fic thread goes up. Also, it shows those researching the comm that it actually has members. Which is cool. But yes. There would be optimal, here and there would also be quite good.

What sort of pairings are allowed?
At this point, any, with one exception: I will not allow shipping or writing of actual, Real-life people. So, for a distinction, Harry Potter can be written about but Daniel Radcliffe may not. Crossover fics are allowed. Incest fics are allowed. Same-sex pairings are allowed (I hadn't thought to mention that in the original FAQ, but one of the mods thought it would be good to say outright). If you have a problem with and of those, you may come to me to talk about it (I honestly doubt it will change, but I promise you, I AM open to debate about it, and a well-reasoned argument is always good).
Edit: Okay, folks. I know that we may not be happy with the LJ deleting communities business, but here's the deal: I do actually support their goal, no matter how bungled it got. So if there is writing which glorifies rape or childpr0n or suchlike, it will be deleted and you will be warned. I am not about to censor you for putting that in here, but I do not want it made into a happy, sunshine-y, rainbow-y thing, as it is, well ... not. Likewise with my pairing: realistic? I think so. Happy? Definitely not.

What ratings are allowed?
All ratings. All I ask is that you mark them appropriately and put all fics behind a cut.

Can we post them other places?
Yes, you wrote them. I'd certainly like it if you mentioned that you wrote it for a FicMonthly prompt and linked back, but at the end of the day, it's your fic and not mine.

Do we claim pairings?
No. I ask that you mark them, so we know who's writing what (we'll have a thread for that), but you may not be the only one writing your pairing. Also, if you want more than one, go for it.

Do we have to post every month?
That's the idea, yes. However ... this is the internet, not work or school. I'd rather have you here and posting sporadically than not here at all. I chose a monthly theme because I figured that one fic a month wasn't onerous.
Edit: Can we post more than once a month? Absolutely!

How long should the fics be?
Well, at least drabble length. And I'd rather not have them super-long, simply because on the message board, that would make the fics REALLY LONG to scroll through. Also, writing an epic each month is pretty stressful ...

Why is membership moderated?
Because I don't want this to grow without my knowing about it. I can be sort of absentminded, and I'd rather KNOW each time someone joins.

How do I contact you for more information about this?
Leave a comment on my personal journal. I'll get back to you, I promise.

Are there any rules of conduct?
Be nice. And when I say nice, I mean: no flaming, no concrit unless the person asked for it, no being mad about concrit you asked for (unless it was flaming), no whining about other peoples' pairings or characters, and no carrying things over to other people's journals. Any of this will result in bannination, and I hate doing that.

Furthermore, why is there no one else on livejournal with squid/hogwarts as an interest? Why?